Clean Your Home Naturally Using These 7 Cleaning Tips & Recipes

Your kitchen is probably full of all the ingredients you commonly consume, but did you know that you can use some of these foods for many other purposes in your home, such as removing grease, scratches, etc?

Here is a list of products you can use for various purposes:


Use Banana Peel To Polish Silver

Yes, you may want to keep those banana peels. If you have noticed that your silver utensils are not that shiny and sparkling as before, rub the inner side of a banana peel directly on the silver, and it will be bright and shiny again.

Cucumber Can Help You Clean The Walls

If you have a child that really likes to express its drawing skills on your walls, then this trick is more than useful for you. Use some cucumber to remove any “drawings” and other stains. All you have to do is use the inner side of a cucumber peel to clean any marks or dirt. Also, if you want your mirror clean while you are showering, just take a cucumber slice and go over the mirror before you take a shower.

Use Onions To Clean Greasy Grills

Cut an onion in half and use it to clean the bars of your greasy grill. This will remove any grease and dirt. You may want to preheat the grill first and remove any meat remains, and then wipe clean using the onion.

Walnuts Remove Scratches On Wooden Surfaces

Remove the shell and rub the kernel directly on the wood surface. Using your fingers, rub the walnut grease into the scratches, then leave it for five minutes. Finally, wipe clean the scratches using a soft towel.

Salt Removes Red Wine Stains

If you spilled some red wine on your white furniture or clothing, rub some salt on the stain immediately, and it will absorb the wine.

Pick Broken Glass Using a Slice Of Bread

Let’s say you broke a glass and the pieces went all over your kitchen. Use a slice of bread to pick even the tiniest piece. But, make sure you soak the bread in some water first.

Clean Toilet

Empty a cup of baking soda into the toilet seat, and leave it for about an hour. After you have done that, pour in a cup of white vinegar, or apple cider vinegar, and leave it for 5 minutes. Flush. This will clean your toilet without any additional cleaning, unless it is really dirty!