Cinnamon & Honey Drink That Melts Pounds

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Are you overweight? You are doing everything in your power to control pounds? But still no results or all you get is minimal prise for your effort?

We offer you some help with today’s more than simple recipe. Take a look, its easy, simple and really healthy, you will lose nothing but pounds…

Miracle Cinnamon & Honey Drink That Melts Pounds



  • 1/2 tablespoon cinnamon
  • spoonful of honey
  • fresh lemon juice (use 1 lemon)
  • 300 ml/ 10 oz water


Put water on stove until it boils. After it boils, let it stand and cool for awhile. Do not add ingredients in hot water because they will lose their quality.  After water cools down add cinnamon and honey and let it rest for 15/20 minutes. Before consuming this drink add fresh lemon juice (take 1 or half a lemon). After it rests for awhile drink 150 ml in the morning and drink the rest 150 ml before bedtime.

Let this be your everyday routine because experiences have shown it helps losing weight.