Chinese Restaurants Found Lacing Their Food With Morphine To Get Customers Addicted

There is no doubt that the food standards and regulations in China are not high, but this is completely outrageous!

Around 35 Chinese restaurants have been discovered to spike the foods they sell with opiates, such as codeine and morphine, in order to provoke an addiction in customers. Current investigation tries to learn the way in which these companies have been lacing the food.

According to local news, some of the foods which contained these opiates included hotpot and lobsters and noodles. Moreover, 5 of these investigated 35 restaurants are being prosecuted.

Wei Tao, the deputy chief of the Food Institute with Guizhou Provincial Centre for Disease Control explained that  “Consuming soup or hot pots mixed with poppies for a long time will make you become addicted … and eventually lead you to drug abuse in serious cases.”

Some time ago, there has been a situation when an owner of a restaurant had been living the food with the a powerful opiate, poppy powder, and was eventually sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

This opiate, if combined with Chinese salt or chili oil, especially in small quantities, is really difficult to detect. Yet, these consumed amounts accumulate in the system over time and may lead to serious health issues.

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