Chickens In Tutus: The Newest, And Cutest, Trend

Can you imagine seeing chickens in tutus? Yes, this is actually real, and it’s a brand new trend these days. Instagram is flooded with photos of chickens in tutus.  If you ask me, every chicken in this world needs to wear tutus. It’s the perfect outfit for these cute little fellas.

Some of the chickens have colorful tutus, and others had white pieces. Oh, these ballerina skirts are a must-have. If you are a chicken, of course. Experts confirm that chickens are able to remember over 100 different faces of people and animals.  They can fly 13 seconds (301 feet).

If you like to see more photos of chickens in tutus, follow the Instagram hashtag #chickentutu, and enjoy spending your day watching cute photos.

The best part comes when you realize that these chickens look cute and colorful without being tortured or painted. There’s no animal cruelty, and that’s pure chicken fashion!

Here are some more chicken-related facts:

  • Chickens were domesticated in Southern China around 8,000 years ago in 6000 B.C.
  • A chicken can lay up to eggs in a day (the max is 371 per year)
  • The black chicken from Indonesia are completely black (feathers, beak, organs and all) due to hyperpigmentation. You can buy them for $2,500
  • Chickens have three eyelids and are able to see and dream in color