Chicken Salad – Bang Bang

At the base of the pyramid of healthy eating, chicken belongs to the group with other types of meat (fish, eggs and dairy products).
Chicken is easily digestible, with high-biological value and diet purpose.
Can be prepared in many ways, which depends on the nutritional value of the meal. Chicken meet contains protein in optimum amount, and to the body provides almost half the daily requirement.



50 grams of chopped fresh ginger

25 grams Peanut Butter

350 grams Chicken

100 milliliters of Chicken Soup

2 piece Carrot

2 piece scallions

25 grams Honey

1 tablespoon lime juice

1 piece Cucumber

25 ml Sesame oil

a little chili powder

Preparation time: 15 min.
Cooking time: 20 min.


Cucumber and the carrots chop into strips. Scallions chop into diagonals.
Chop the chicken into strips and bake it on the grill or in a pan of your choice.
In a pot place the chicken soup, add the ginger and allow it to boil, then remove it from the fire and let it cool down some 15 minutes.

In a blender place the peanut butter, honey, oil and chilli and mix it nice. Add lemon juice according to your taste.
Chicken, cucumbers, carrots and scalions placed in a bowl and strew with the mixture from the blender. Season to taste put a few fresh coriander leaves.
As additive you can put cooked white rice.