Chemicals in Popular Women’s Hair Dyes Cause Cancer, How to Use Coffee Instead

Most women dye their hair at some point in their lives. They do it either just to make a change, as a touch-up or they just want to get rid gray hair. You may want to find different method for dyeing your hair from now on because your favorite hair dye products might be linked to a serious disease – cancer.

Some British scientists say both expensive salon dye and home hair coloring kits may be stimulating growing of cancer. Scientists are saying that chemicals in permanent hair dye products might react to tobacco smoke and some other airborne pollutants.


More than 1/3 of women and 1 in 10 men are regularly dyeing their hair. The cosmetic industry, of course, strongly disagrees with the claim. Researchers say information was easily available, and all the cosmetic industry needed to do, in order to prove their products are causing cancer, was to connect the dots.

In order to increase the safety of consumers, by a recent investigation of a private subject, is used to establish the levels of toxicity of the compounds to prevent from potential risks.

Researchers say more information was needed in order to fully calculate the risk. “At this stage, we simply cannot be sure of the produced amount of N-nitrosamines or the level of risk that these compounds pose. However, it is clear that there is a potential hazard.”

If you use the following coffee mixture you will be able to get the desired shade, shine and you will even promote hair growth.

Prepare a strong coffee mixture, we suggest espresso. Let the coffee cool. Next thing to do is mix two cups of leave in conditioner, one cup of cold brewed coffee and two tablespoons of organic coffee grounds. Apply the resulting mixture on your hair and leave it to act for one hour. This will provide your hair with beautiful chocolate-shade color without doing any damage to it.

In order to seal the color in and gain the best results, rinse your hair with water before applying the coffee mixture onto your hair. Leave the mixture to act for 20 minutes or so. After that, use apple cider vinegar in order to rinse the color off of your hair and seal the color in.

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