A Chemical in the Colgate Toothpaste Can Lead to Cancer

The Colgate toothpaste is probably the most popular one around the entire world, and billions of people use it daily.

Yet, a study found a harmful chemical in its content, known as Triclosan, which leads to various health issues, and may cause cancer.

According to the Chemical Research in Toxicology journal, this chemical increases the number of cancer cells, and this has been confirmed by many other studies as well.

This dangerous ingredient enters the skin, enters the bloodstream, and damages the function of the endocrine system and the hormones.

Moreover, the Environmental Health Perspectives conducted a study in 2008 which discovered this chemical in the urine of 75% of the participants, 2,517 of them being elderly.

Triclosan is also included in many deodorants, hand cleaners, and laundry detergents. Another study published in the Chemical Research of Toxicology magazine confirmed that this chemical causes cancer.

Unfortunately, Triclosan has been banned only in Canada, while it is used in numerous common products all around the world.

This affair has still not received official attention by the government; so apparently, it will be banned only after it causes disastrous consequences, like in the asbestos case DT and PCB.

Yet, what we recommend is that you try to save your own health, and avoid products which contain it. Instead, you can try much healthier and safer alternatives.