Check Up On Your Strong Friend. They’re Usually The One Bleeding In Silence

If you have been fortunate enough to have a strong friend by your side in good and bad, you know that these people are real warriors.

They do not show off their vulnerability much but offer endless advice and support instead. They are heroes, always checking in on their friends to ensure they are okay.

Yet, have you ever wondered how do they feel?

The strong ones that can survive all storms together with you, who always have the time to listen to you, have the patience to find a solution, and the ones that are always too kind to care and do they feel?

These people face challenges in life too, even though they do not talk about it. They appear strong, but inside, we are all fragile and need someone to care about us.

A strong person can sometimes think others do not notice her/him crumbling. She might need help, but no one is there to give it to her.

Even though she might become lonelier with every new day, and she knows that her friends care about her, at the end of the day, it is hard to avoid the overwhelming feelings of isolation and loneliness set in.

Such a person has been labeled as strong and we often forget that strong people need help too.

If you have a strong friend, make sure you show your love and care before she becomes a shell of a person. Don’t ever let her lose hope, and make sure she knows you are always there for her.

Check up on her from time to time, as she will probably never ask for your help, even though she needs it. Remember how much your friend is there for you, so you need to reciprocate. They will appreciate even the smallest gestures.

Friends need to take off their masks and reveal their real faces. Explain that it is absolutely okay to admit areas of vulnerability and weakness, and offer her the opportunity to pour into you the same way you pour into her.