Charming Log Planter…Every Yard Should Have At Least One!

Flowers are a lovely decoration in everyone’s house, and if you have been looking for some unique idea to display them, you can be sure that the following log planter will charm everyone that comes near it.

The look of the exterior of your home actually reflects your personality, so this cheap idea will help you create a modern yard while using materials and plants that were easily sourced and more environmentally sensitive.

It will beautify your home in a completely inexpensive way, so get creative and ornament your surroundings!

All you have to do is to get a log, cut lines into the wood, diagonally and horizontally, putting little groves in it with a chain saw. Then, pry out the little pieces with a screwdriver, pull them out with a hammer and a screwdriver, and add the potting soil.

Next, add soil and fertilizer, along with the plants. Pick s lot of flowering plants in it, and add creeping plants that would spill over the sides.

You will get a delightful DIY log planter for the porch, front yard, or backyard, that will make all your neighbors jealous!

The following tutorial will explain the entire procedure in details: