Changed Us Forever

Life is beautiful, but it often teaches us valuable lessons.

We meet thousands of people throughout our life. If you are fortunate, most of them will leave a positive impression, bringing happiness, affection, respect, and love.

Yet, it seems that no one can prevent being hurt at least once in life. We all have one person who hurt us so much, that it changed us forever. Yet, you can choose to heal the open wounds and build a new life.

If you feel hurt and betrayed, healing and growth begin with the realization that you are not damaged, but your relationship is.

It is important to acknowledge what you are feeling, anger, sorrow, unfairness, aversion. If you repress these feelings, they will come up again at some point, and they will keep sapping your energy, polluting your entire life.

Therefore, give your best to let go of this negativity to start the process of healing and growth. In this way, you will be able to love and live fully, and healthy relationships will follow.