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8 Foods You Should Never Eat Again

Junk food is unhealthy and has no nutritional value. It is oily, too salty, it doesn’t contain proteins, vitamins and fiber. It is packed with preservatives. Junk food can cause excessive weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and dental problems. But most of …

Health Benefits Of Dairy Products

If you belong to a slightly older generation, you probably can not remember that when you were younger milk was more often included in your menu. At that time soda and all soft drinks were often reserved for special occasions …

Dried Fruit – Health Benefits

For many people dried fruit is not as attractive as fresh fruit, but dried fruit has its advantages. It provides an exceptional source of energy body needs. Dried fruit can be divided into two groups: meat fruit and dried fruit.
When …

Diabetes Diet and Tips!

The diagnosis of diabetes should not be a shock for a patient, but should be seen as last warning, last chance to balance glucose regulation. Changing patient’s lifestyle and pharmacological therapy can prevent or at least delay the occurrence of diabetes …

How To Boost Your Metabolism?

Your metabolism does not stop on the day you turn thirty, nor it is extremely fast in your twenties. If your weight is increasing and you are getting fat,  probably you are doing something that slows your metabolism.
Signs of decreased …

All You Should Know About Spinach And Cucumber

Spinach is a one-year or two-year plant with succulent green leaves and class formed flowers, and it is the richest vegetable in chlorophyll. Due to the presence of minerals and vitamins, spinach is called “king of vegetables”.
Just 100 grams of …

Health Benefits Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

What are omega-3 fatty acids?
Omega-3 acids are actually acids that needs to our body for effective daily function. There are three types of omega 3 fatty acids, which are:
— DHA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)
— EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid)
— ALA (Alpha-linolenic acid)
Studies have shown …