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When The Right Person Hugs You

Life is beautiful, but it is complex. It is rich in moments of success, joy, victory, and love, punctuated by sorrow, defeat, failures, and problems. The challenge is to face all this with courage, patience, and perseverance.
Experience has taught me …

Be Careful Who You Trust

My grandmother was the most loving and caring human being I have met in my life.
She was extremely wise and I still remember many of her counsels. One of the things she insisted I should learn was to trust no …

Changed Us Forever

Life is beautiful, but it often teaches us valuable lessons.
We meet thousands of people throughout our life. If you are fortunate, most of them will leave a positive impression, bringing happiness, affection, respect, and love.
Yet, it seems that no one …

Never Stop Being A Good Person Because Of Bad People

This is a world full of opposites, day vs. night, black vs. white, pleasure vs. pain, beautiful vs. ugly, strong vs. weak,  good vs. bad.
Even though we might experience it, we should always strive to defeat evil. When other people …