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Natural Homemade Bleach Alternative

Standard bleach is a standout amongst the most dangerous deadly chemicals around. Lamentably, bleach has been utilized around the house as a cleaning operator throughout recent years.
The fumes from bleach can influence the sensory system, immune system, respiratory system, cancer, …

Bald Chickens: Science or Madness?

Although it sounds like something out of the lab of a mad scientist, the featherless chicken is a real thing. Professor Avigdor Cahaner of the Hebrew University if Jerusalem’s Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, is trying to convince the world that …

Five Homemade Bug Spray for Gardens That Works

By Alex Jordon — (blogs.naturalnews.com)
Natural bug sprays can be made inexpensively and naturally at your home, as practically all household items. All you need is a good recipe.
The article includes several variations of the recipe for spray against home bugs, so you …