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Science Confirms Turmeric As Effective As 14 Drugs

Turmeric is one the most completely examined plants today. Its therapeutic properties and segments (principally curcumin) have been the subject of more than 5600 peer-reviewed and published biomedical studies.
Actually, our five-year long research program on this divine plant has uncovered …

6 Superfruits You Can Grow At Home

Super fruits are said to contain more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients than other fruits.
So if you include them in your diet, your body will be very thankful. It seems like each year the food industry represents a …

How Dangerous is Swallowing a Chewing Gum

We all have swallowed at least one chewing gum at some point of our lives. At that moment we remind ourselves of the saying “7 years will pass until it decomposes”. See for yourselves if that is true or not.
What …