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Home Remedies For Treating Eye Bags

You will definitely find this familiar: You get up in the morning, look in the mirror feeling disappointed and fed up with those unpleasant bags under your eyes! You’ve gotten a lot of rest, so why are they still there?
Sleep …

Аlkaline Detoxification

Certain changes in your dietary habits can significantly decrease the acidity in your body. Decrease the consumption of acidic foods you eat on a daily basis, and add more high alkaline foods to your diet.
Gradually change your daily menu, and …

This Is How To Know If You’re Eating The New GMO Potato

The development of a new genetically modified potato has been discussed for years. Today, the USDA approved the production of GMO potatoes, that produce few carcinogens when cooked on high temperatures.
Simplot is one of the world’s largest agribusiness, and it …