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Drone Discovers Stunning Glacier Scene Hidden In The Himalayas

Modern technology has revolutionized all aspects of our living. When it comes to photography, drones have dramatically changed aerial photography.
They offer fascinating bird’s-eye views of landscapes, vast areas, risky terrains, and distant horizons. Apart from the spectacular artistic products they …


The Earth Just Sent Us All To Our Rooms

Living in a technology-driven world, we have somehow become separated from our roots. We all have a strong, undeniable connection with nature, and we need to embrace it, to restore our full potential, soothe our body, and calm our busy …

Earth’s Ozone Layer Seems To Be Recovering, Experts Say

Unfortunately, humans understand the negative consequences of their actions on the environment only when the Earth fights back.
Experts warned about the possible scenarios linked to the hole in the ozone for a long time, and people eventually started to act …