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50 Unique Animals Creatively Colored By Nature

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”- Emerson
Nature never stops to fascinate us. Its beautiful wildlife is rich and diverse, and animal lovers simply enjoy every single trip in nature.
As Emerson maintained, the beauty in the natural world is not …


This Amazing Koi Fish Was 226 Years Old

The world has been privileged to be the home of an incredibly beautiful fish for over two centuries! Yup, 226 years, to be exact!
Born in 1751, Hanako, the koi fish with an amazing lifespan, died on 7 July 1977.
During her …

Canada Becomes First G20 Nation To Ban Shark Fin Trade

Animal rights activists and environmentalists work hard to protect animals and constantly campaign to raise awareness for the cruel practices humans often subject them to.
Last year, the largest importer of shark fins outside Asia, Canada, decided to put an end …