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How to Remove Pesticide from Your Produce

Unfortunately, we are living surrounded by dangerous chemicals and pesticides, and most of the fruits and veggies we consume are contaminated with them.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO):
“Pesticides are chemicals used in agriculture to protect crops against insects, …

The Best Time to Go to Bed Is 8:45

Many people find it very hard to get up early in the morning, and this problem can be apparently solved in one way only: by going to bed earlier.  Yet, how early is enough? Try 8:45 p.m.
Even though we struggle with …

Farmed Salmon — One of The Most Toxic Foods in The World

Nowadays, the fish business is booming, but the fisheries face numerous serious problems, like overfishing, chemical pollution and genetic mutation from toxic exposures.
Moreover, in reality, there is little difference between land-based feedlots and water-based ones in terms of environmental …