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The Amazing Benefits of Lime

This citrus fruit with green peel and light green pulp is often confused with  lemon, because both fruits have the same look and smell. But lime belongs to other citrus group.

Nutritional Value of Lime
About 100 grams of lime contain: 29 mg of …

Top 11 Detox Foods

The body has natural self-defending mechanisms responsible for protection against harmful substances consumed with food. Here’s how you can help your body in the fight against toxins and their fast elimination:
Apples are first aid during detoxification, and also apple juice …

Watermelon – Healthy & Sweet

-Many people don’t know that watermelon beside water, contains many vitamins and minerals that contributes to our health. Watermelon should be in our daily menu during the summer because it restores the lost fluids, minerals and vitamins.
Although watermelon is a …

Health Benefits of Berries

Hot weather brings us the healthiest fruits in the world. It is about berry fruits that are real little treasure of vitamins and minerals.
Did you know that all kinds of berries have same, very strong and positive properties. Wild strawberries, …

Papaya For Rejuvenation

Christopher Columbus called papaya “fruit of the angels”. This delicious, sweet fruit with spherical or pear shaped form hides interesting secrets.
Papaya is a rich source of vitamin C and beta carotene, two powerful natural antioxidants. These two substances besides “fighting” …