Cat Sanctuary Seeks Caretaker To Live On A Beautiful Greek Island With 55 Cats

Would you like a job that combines leisure, pets, and summer adventures at the same time? Who wouldn’t?

The recent Facebook post by God’s Little People Cat Sanctuary on the Greek island of Syros sounded extremely interesting, as they sought a caretaker who could care for the Island’s 55 cats rescued by Joan Bowell and her husband over recent years.

The job advertisement assured people that it is not a joke, but Bowell needs a break and is searching for a mature and passionate cat lover that would like to spend the time in the company of the numerous cats.

The sanctuary needed a person who will have to feed the cats and care for those with particular health needs, and in exchange, it offers a house, a garden overlooking the Aegean Sea, a salary, and the company of the numerous felines.

However, the person also needs to have a driver’s license, in case a cat needs to be brought to the vet. It might also be challenging as the sanctuary is a bit secluded and quiet in the winter.

Yet, it is ideal for people who love nature and tranquility. The post also read that one could never be lonely in the company of the cats, many of which would live in the house as well. 

The position required a commitment of six months, and one volunteer month, starting in October 2018.

The sanctuary received 35,000 applications, and American Jeffyne Telson was chosen. This animal lover originates from California and usually spends the winters in Oregon.

She owns a rescue named RESQCATS, so she has loads of experience. When she saw the advertisement, she was thrilled to be able to help the Greek cats, but she didn’t want to be away from Mitch and all her animals for several months. Yet, Mitch encouraged her to apply as it could be the chance to live her dream.

After corresponding with her, Bowell went to Santa Barbara to meet with the rescuer in person, and Telson accepted the job under one condition, the offered salary to be donated back to the cats. She explained that she didn’t want the position because of the view and the time she could spend on a Greek Island, but because she wanted to help the cats.

The island has 22,000 people and 13,000 stray cats, and she arrived there after a few weeks. The two also undertook a special project together, picking a colony at a Greek Orthodox church at the end of a mountain road overlooking the Aegean Sea, and after 4 months, they rescued the sickest and most vulnerable and found homes for most of them.

This experience brought too much sadness to Telson, seeing all those suffering cats, and she had to be strong enough to handle tremendous pressure and go through emotional turmoil and manage to help as many cats as she can.

She also had to learn to do one thing at a time and see things in a different, more uplifting way.

She emphasized that even the little things can make a difference, so doing something is better than doing nothing. We will not change the world by saving one cat, but for that cat, the world will be changed forever.

There is another candidate lined up for next season, but do not hesitate to apply if you’re keen and would like to make a change yourself!

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