Cat Owner Shares Breathtaking Photos Of Her Maine Coon, And It’s Crazy How Big It Is

If you have ever seen a Maine Coon cat before, there is no chance you will forget it! These exceptional furry balls are simply adorable! Looking majestic and proud, Maine Coons are simply gorgeous.

These fluffy cats are among the largest cat breeds, and images of them posted on social media platforms really catch on. The Instagram account of one of these felines, Lotus, has over 302K followers!

His mom, Lindstein, says:

“Many people think he looks like a mini lynx. Sometimes others think that he looks like a little lion.”

Their website gives more info on the impressive giant cat:

“I am from Norway, (N) Spellbound’s but I live in the middle of Sweden. I am 3 years old and weigh just over 10 kg. I have a light small voice and I`m gentle in my way. Calm and kind, love my family. Like sleeping on the balcony or on the backrest on the couch. Likes to experience nature and animals.”

You might be surprised, but Lotus is only a bit larger than average Maine Coons, as some of these cats can grow over 30 pounds.

Scroll down to see some of the best photos of this huge cat: