Cat Needs Glucose Drip After Mating With At Least Five Females In One Night

Love hurts, and this seems to be the case in felines as well! A cat ended in need of a glucose drip after mating with at least five females in one night, after being left at a pet hotel.

His owners, Mr. and Mrs. Zhoa, left the Russian Blue, Xiaopi at the hotel in Guangdong Province in South China on October 1. Mr. Zhoa explained that Xiapoi has not been neutered.

Yet, the next day, when he returned to the cattery, Mr. Zhao realized that Xiaopi had been allowed to freely roam the pet hotel after staff left for their homes.

He wrote about the incident online:

‘I thought they’d be professional, but the staff didn’t, however, feed Xiaopi during the day and still permitted him to roam out freely at night.’

All the cats were left to walk around the shop while employees went home.

Mr. Zhoa added that around 10:40 pm and 5 am, his cat mated with at least 5 female cats, as he could see via the CCTV camera.’ Yet, the pet hotel staff initially blamed him for the scenario and protested that most of the cat owners weren’t planning to have kittens.

‘They had the audacity to get angry at me. And they equally want me to explain the situation to all of the cat owners. My cat is exhausted and on a glucose drip and this is my fault? “

However, they later apologized and offered to pay for Xiaopi’s fluid therapy. They also promised to compensate each pregnant cat’s owner 500 Renminbi, an equivalent of £56 and to sell any kittens.

“The other owners have also promised to give me a kitten, or £113 only if their cats get pregnant.”

A pedigree Russian Blue can be worth between £350 to well over £1,000. This graceful cat is medium to large in size, with an elegant body and long, slim legs.

These cats walk as if on tip-toes. Even though the breed is named the Russian Blue, black and white Russian cats do sometimes appear. The beautiful cats have a wedged shaped head with prominent whisker pads and large ears. They have almond-shaped, vivid green eyes, set wide apart.

Moreover, their coat is double with a very dense undercoat and feels fine, short and soft. Its texture is very different from any other breed, and in the most popular blue variety, its color is a clear even blue with a silvery sheen.

Fortunately, Xiaopi has since regained his strength and is in a stable condition.

Xiaopi the Russian Blue was left at the hotel in Guangdong Province in South China

The next day, Mr. Zhao realized that Xiaopi had been allowed to freely roam the pet hotel

Mr. Zhao revealed that all cats were left to roam freely between 10.30 pm and 5 am

Cheeky cat needed a glucose drip after a wild night with 5 felines