Cat Insists On Carrying His ‘Baby’ Blanket Everywhere With Him

People often become emotionally attached to inanimate objects, and in most cases, it is because they remind them of an important person or a period from their life.

Also, most children develop an intense relationship with a specific ‘attachment object’, usually a favorite blanket or a soft toy.

A study has even found that children preferred their comfort blankets or favorite toys over identical duplicates, just like “art enthusiasts who prefer an original to a copy that is identical in every way.”

And apparently, our pets are not much different!

One day, a litter of three 3-week-old kittens was brought at the Wilson Veterinary Hospital, which has its in-house rescue called The Sparky Fund.

One of the three cats had its tail amputated as a result of an infection.

Sara Budzynowski, who was working there, started taking care of the cat, and over time, she fell in love with the cute feline, later named Renly.

 “About a week after he got that part of his tail amputated, I took him home to foster him and the rest was history.”

The little kitten brought too much joy and excitement to Sara and her fiancé.

They bought him a cuddly blanket and a cute little stuffed bunny as a welcome gift, and until the present day, the kitten is simply obsessed with them.

Renly sleeps with the blanket, plays with it, and carries it wherever he goes.

Sara said:

 “He always loved his blanket from the day we took him home and usually carries it around his room to where he wants to sleep with it.” 

After Renly’s adoption, they also adopted two corgis, Hotchner and Azula. This made the kitten feel like the bigger brother, so he now shares his favorite blanket with his siblings as well.

“Hotchner and Renly sleep in the same room and sometimes when we come home from work to let them out, we see that Renly will put his blanket next to Hotch’s crate and Hotch will try to pull it inside the crate with him, so it’s like Renly is trying to share it with him too.”

If, in any case, the blanket is nowhere around, Renly turns to the bunny instead.

The blanket is a symbol of Renly’s affection for his parents, and Sara believes that Renly loves the blanket and the bunny so much only because they were his welcome home gifts, and he is thankful for the home he was blessed with.

Budzynowski added: 

 “Over the months, that blanket has seen a lot and has gone through the wash so many times, but I can’t bear to replace it and plan on keeping it for him for the rest of his life.”

So cute!