Fury Capybara surrounded with other animals

18 Photos Prove Capybara Can Befriend Every Other Species

Fury capybaras are the friendliest animal in the whole wide world, and they enjoy being surrounded with crocodiles, cats, and every other member of the animal kingdom.

Capybaras seem to be the most popular star in the animal kingdom. Other animals seem to love furry capybaras. What makes them so attractive to other species?

Capybaras are really friendly, and other animals are attracted to this feature. Do you know that even crocodiles like the hybrid-like animal?

Capybaras are incredibly social and thrive in “families” of 10-20 members. They are the largest rodents in the world and grow up to 124 cm. An adult weighs up to 66kg.

The furry cuties are native to South America and like to live near water. They are semi-aquatic animals and excellent swimmers. Capybaras can stay underwater for 5 minutes, and that’s their way of escaping predators. Would you love to have one of these at home?

Locals in Florida warn people not to pick up capybaras as they bite everyone who tries to touch them. Their teeth don’t stop growing. Is this serious enough? Capybaras are cute, but please, don’t touch them. Instead of doing this, call Florida’s invasive species hotline: 1-888-IVE-GOT1.

A capybara and a cat

Capybara and a rabit

A capybara playing with 5 little monkeys

A capybara playing with a little cat

A capybara surrounded with turtles

A capybara playing with dogs

A hamster playing with capybara

An alligator laying next to a capybara

A little monkey riding on the back of capybara

A capybara with many hamsters

A little turkey on the back of a capybara

Little birds on the back and around of a capybara

A black monkey riding on a back of a capybara

Capybaras and turtles

Yellow-grey bird and a capybara

A Capybara and a white bird

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