Can’t Sleep All the Way Through the Night? Try This Before Bed

Many people often face sleeping issues and cannot sleep at night. However, medical experts advice consuming honey before going to bed as a successful remedy

Namely, the author of the book “The honey revolution: Restoring the health benefits of future generation”, Dr. Ron Feesenden, suggests that honey should be consumed several times a day, but most importantly before going to sleep.


It seems that raw honey helps in the quality and quantity of sleeping. It contains an ideal glucose to fructose proportion which improves liver function. Regular consumption of honey supplies your liver with glycogen during the day, and liver is the organ that is working all the time, especially while you are sleeping. Additionally, honey serves as a fuel through the night.

If you consume a teaspoon of honey before going to bed, it will provide your liver with glycogen which is necessary for deactivation of stress from the brain, and will discard the toxins accumulated in the fat cells.

Furthermore, the combination of honey and water has detoxifying and regenerative properties. Apart from being an excellent natural remedy which can help you have a good night sleep, honey also offers numerous other health benefits.

To be more specific, it has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it is the perfect food for athletes and it effectively reduces throat irritation.

The best thing about honey is that it never spoils. For instance, honey has been found in the tombs in Egypt, intact after hundreds of years. In order to obtain best effects from the consumption of honey, always buy organic honey from local farmers or organic food stores.

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