Cancer Is Serious Business

Cancer is a great deal. The cancer industry spends almost nothing of its billions to find some effective cancer preventing strategies.

Cancer industry invests the money in ‘treating’ cancer, instead of curing or preventing this modern plague. Why would they put their cash cow down? Why, when they can maintain their well functioning Cancer machines and keep earning money on chemotherapy and radiotherapy drugs, diagnostic procedures and operations…

These are the words of Dr. Joseph Mercola, popular American doctor, also called ‘the most controversial medical guru.’

Imagine that a plane crashed, and some people died. You can bet that this plane crash would be the cover story of every popular newspaper. However, we have an equivalent of 8-10 plane crashes every day and people keep dying -- from cancer.

Almost TWO million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year -- one out of three people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life, despite the massive technological development in the last fifty years.

While Western medicine is not even close to finding a ‘cure for cancer,’ cancer grew in a world epidemy with shocking rates. Statistics explains best:

-- In the early 1900s, one out of 20 developed cancer

-- 1940 -- one out of 16

-- 1970 -- one out of 10

-- today -- one out of 3!

According to the statistics, about 1.66 million new patients will be diagnosed with cancer in 2013. If the death rate declines, why is the incidence rate keep growing? The answer is simple: The 40-year “War on Cancer” was a simple fraud.

Cancer epidemy is pharmacist’s dream, and the campaigns to put the cured patients to silence were more than aggressive, which is best explained in the documentary ‘Cancer: The Forbidden Cures.’

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