Cancer Can be Treated Naturally, But Here are 7 Reasons Why Natural Cancer Remedies Sometimes Fail

Mainstream medicine sometimes disguises the fact that its treatments may lead to the demise of patients diagnosed with cancer. It is pretty easy to say that a patient died of cancer, and not due to chemo poisoning or radiation damage.

They have a dismal rate of reversing cancer, even though they play linguistic and statistical games with the results in order to keep marketing their treatments as the only effective therapy out there.


On the other hand, cancer patients who seek for alternative treatments have a better chance of surviving the disease without any complications or side effects. Remember the old saying, “With herbal medicine, the disease can kill you; but with allopathic (mainstream) medicine, the treatment can kill you.”

However, in some cases survival rate drops from 80-plus percent with alternative methods to 50 percent or even lower. Read why further in the article.

Avoid these mistakes if you are diagnosed with cancer:

1.Reaching for mainstream treatment first

Once diagnosed with any type of cancer, patients are pressured to undergo treatments immediately or face death. Certain threatening cancers, like pancreatic cancer, cannot be repaired with mainstream medicine. So why would patients rush into such treatments?

Prospects of complete recovery with natural treatments are reduced by mainstream oncology’s aggressive “heroic interventions.” But, you can do a little research and determine what works best for you. If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and know nothing about what is out there, check the Cancer Tutor. (1)

2. Not switching to “cancer diet”

Avoid processed foods and drinks completely. Organic plant foods should be the base of your diet. Do not eat meat, especially red and processed meat. Avoid consuming refined sugar and carbs as they are the perfect fuel for cancer. (2)

Pancreas carries proteolytic enzymes that break down animal proteins, and they also break up cancerous cells. So, why would you waste these enzymes on breaking down meat that is probably packed with toxins from farm abusing?

3) Sticking to only one protocol

If you decide not to go to clinics specialized in natural healing like Gerson Clinic, Bio-Medical Clinic, or other clinics in Mexico and Europe, Cancer Tutor suggests three protocols, including diet. But some patients manage with a single therapy if they are already on a special cancer diet.

4. Not following the protocol

Budwig Diet prohibits the use of laetrile, which is an amazing therapy. On the other hand, it approves using apricot seed kernels, which are a natural source of laetrile. Try to follow the Budwig Diet guide. (3)

In France, Dr Max Gerson was devastated by the fact that some of his patients did not show any progress. Eventually, he discovered that one of his assistant had been sneakng pastries to them packed with sugar and refined carbs that actually helped cancer survive and unfortunately sabotaged his dietary treatment.

Some patients were recommended to drink Essiac tea. However, many did not have any success, mostly because they never introduced some dietary changes and used over-the-counter Essiac tea, which has no effect. There are only a few online sources of the best Rene Caisse-approved herbs you can use to brew your own Essiac tea. Check this one.

5. Insufficient detox

Proper detoification involves a pure organic and plant-based diet. Consider heavy juicing as well. But, you can use many other detox methods. “Die-off” from dead cancer cells poisons and burdens liver.

Gerson’s therapy recommends using coffee enemas to detox liver, which is what Dr Nicholas Gonzalez does, and he uses a refined version of Dr. William Kelley’s successful 1970s protocol.

6. Mixing protocols

Cancer patients who reach for cannabis oil are the most guilty of this. They praise cannabis’ amazing healing powers and forget about changing their dietary habits, usually keeping to consume processed foods loaded with sugar. Later these individuals panic and go for chemo or radiation in addition to using cannabis oil.

7. Ignoring mental, emotional and spiritual healing

If you do a research about alternative cancer clinics in Mexico, you will end up amazed with their friendly and relaxed conditions. Lightheartedness and humor help a lot. Believe us.

Clear out any psychic buildups from losses, emotional shock, stress and resentments that may have triggered the acidosis that has created a perfect soil for cancer. Certain cancer treatments focus on this particular area.(4)

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