The great hiking trail in Canada

Canada Opens World’s Longest Hiking Trail That Stretches Coast To Coast

The world’s longest hiking trail covers a big portion of Canada, giving locals and tourists a chance to connect with nature.

Canada has the sweetest maple syrup and beautiful scenery. Tourists love its dynamic culture and breathtaking landscapes. Hikers love its hiking trail. Believe it or not, Canada has the longest hiking trail in the whole wide world.

The Great Trail

Trans Canada Trail (TCT), a non-profit, raised enough money to support the creation and expansion of the world’s longest trail. The Great Trail is a big project and the creators hope to complete their mission. Trans Canada Trail encourages people to spend more time outdoors, all while protecting the environment.

The non-profit has trail opportunities in all seasons and tries to replace roadways with greenways. Adding new networks is one of their priorities. TCT also funds repairs as needed. Hikers safety is important and TCT ensures that their paths are safe and useable throughout the entire year. Today, Canadians and tourists can easily gain access to the country’s most beautiful sights.

Top 10 facts about the Great Trail

Before you jump into an adventure, do research and learn more about the trail. Here’s some useful info:

  1. The Great Trail covers 15,000 miles and spreads into hundreds of mini trails. According to TCT, three of four Canadians live within 30 minutes of The Great Trail.
  2. The trail was completed within 25 years.
  3. Canada’s longest trail connects the country’s largest cities, giving locals enough green space and a break from their urban life. So, no, it’s not hidden in inaccessible areas.
  4. The trail begins in the most eastern point of North America, right at Cape Spear. Have you ever heard of “mile 0”?
  5. It covers rivers, bays, mountains, and flatland. Cyclists can travel across Labrador, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and other areas.
  6. The trail ends in Vancouver, a west coast city.
  7. The Great Trail connects thirteen territories and provinces.
  8. Federal and local governments fund the trail. It’s also supported by donors.
  9. Green lines are land trails and blue lines stand for water trails. Blue dotted lines represent ferry rides.
  10. Tourists can take part in horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, biking, and cross-country skiing. Snowmobile is also an option. If you don’t like any of this, you can just rest and relax in the sun.

The best benefits of the hiking trail

There are many benefits of hiking. The world’s longest hiking trail helps people relax and connect with nature. It’s like going back into the wild, enjoying its beauty and green landscapes. Most of us spend too much time at the office. Netflix is the only fun part of the day. Well, Canada’s hiking trail is here to change your daily routine.

Nature teaches you so many important lessons and it’s always nice to go outside and take a deep breath. The Great Trail has attracted the attention of the entire world, giving tourism a boost and employing thousands of people.

There are many places you don’t want to miss, including the T’Railway Trail, Celtic Shores Coast Trail, Confederation Trail, and many others.

Made with love

Volunteers build and maintain the Great Trail with the help of Canadian agencies and local businesses. It’s a symbol of love and dedication. Today, the Great Trail symbolizes our love for the planet and helps us connect with its power.