Can you spot the difference?

How many of you can include “detail-oriented” as a skill in your CV?

Well, now you can test it with this newest spot-the-difference photograph.

Below you can find two of nearly the exact same photos of a woman staring out a window.

It’s a bit gray scene, with the sky outside being predominantly covered with clouds.

Everything in the two pictures seems the same ,except for one tiny detail (and one even tinier one).

Can you spot the difference?

Bonus if you manage to find the second difference.

Double bonus if you can tell who painted this!

Come on now!

Are you done?

If you found it hard to spot the difference everyone is talking about, you can check the answer below.

The Answer

We’ve put the photo below again, but this time, the differences are circled in red. There is the most obvious, and the less obvious one. First, you can see the mouse hole in the bottom corner, and if you take a closer look, the boat is not there, by the head of the woman.

BONUS if you got that as well!

So, were you successful, or you are smacking yourself in the head saying “How did I not see that?!”

Salvador Dali painted this painting, and it is called “Muchacha de espaldas Mirando al mar” which loosely translates to “girl with her back looking at the sea.” So fitting, right?

Now that your brain and eyes are warmed up to spotting differences, try a few more of the following pictures.

We’ve posted a few more optical illusions and eye-testing images below. Test your skills, then scroll down to see the answers.

  1. Can you spot the panda in a sea of snowmen?

  1. Find the “C” in the “O”s

  1. Spot the different bat


Here are the answers to each of the puzzles posted above. How many correct answers did you get?



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