Can You Solve This Math Problem That Went Viral In Japan?

This Math problem went viral in China because many people found it very difficult to solve.

As the pandemic measures and restrictions have mainly locked us inside our homes, we must regularly find activities that will jog our minds. Therefore, we decided to share one math problem that went viral in China, due to the inability of people to solve it.

The human mind seems to be slowing down, as back in the 80s, 90% of the 20-year-olds in Japan managed to solve it, but several years ago, only 60% of them were successful in it.

So, we are challenging you now!

Remember, it has been a long since we did math without a calculator. So, if you try to get the correct answer by using the calculator on your smartphone, you will probably be given a wrong answer.

The reason for this is that the solution lies in the basic principles of solving equations we learned many years ago.

Do you remember the Order of Operations or the acronym BEDMAS?

  • B – brackets
  • E – exponents
  • D – division
  • M – multiplications
  • A – addition
  • S – subtraction

Now, use this principle and try again.

If you still find it difficult, let’s break it down a bit more. Complete the fraction first, which is ⅓, or essentially 1 ➗ 3. Now, continue with the BEDMAS rules.

There you go!