Can You Recognize Which Egg Comes From a Healthy Chicken?

Eggs play a great role in our diet, as they are very powerful source of vitamins and proteins. Therefore, a lot of people eat eggs every morning for breakfast, as it is the best energetic start for the day.

Most of you probably buy your eggs from a supermarket. However, you do not know the origin of those eggs, which is of vital importance. Namely, it is really difficult to find an egg from a healthy chicken in US.


The eggs you consume have probably the same nutrition facts as the organic egg, but it’s more about the chickens and what they eat. Healthy chicken means healthy eggs.

Therefore, you need to know the following facts:

Chickens are not vegetarian. They are more like omnivores. That’s why eggs with “vegetarian” label are suspicious. These eggs don’t come from a healthy chicken.

The eggs from healthy chickens are higher in Omega-3. Moreover, xanthophylls are prevalent in orange yolks and provide bigger nutritional value.

Chickens that eat more insects and eat the right diet produce eggs with darker, as well as thicker yolks. The shelves of these eggs are also thicker, and are hard to crack open.

The color of eggs is influenced by the diet and synthetic formulas, not by the breed.

If the diet of the hen is rich in yellow corn, green plants, alfalfa, and other similar plants rich with xanthophyll pigment will give darker yellow-orange yolk.

Weight control plans of hens that are rich in wheat will create light yellow yolks. Hens bolstered with white cornmeal will create dry yolks. Free-range hens have access to more heavily pigmented food, hence they will produce eggs with darker yolks.

Therefore, you should prefer to buy organic eggs from farmers you know, as the level of healthiness of other eggs is definitely lower. Attempt to locate the ideal agriculturists in your general vicinity and start consuming really healthy eggs, in order to feel all their benefits.