How You Can Use Coffee Grounds To Repel Insects, Fertilize Lawns And Do Other Household Chores

We all throw away the coffee grounds, and they end up being dumped in the garbage and shipped to a landfill.

However, you can be much smarter and use coffee grounds in various ways in your household:


Coffee beans are loaded with nitrogen, which makes them an excellent fertilizer. Therefore, mix coffee grounds with the soil in order to stimulate the growth of microbes in the ground, and as they break down, the nitrogen will provide nutrients for the plants.

Coffee beans contain acid, but it is water-soluble, so it gets washed away into the coffee, and hence, it is great as a fertilizer.


Due to the high amounts of nitrogen, coffee grounds provide bacteria in the compost with the needed energy, in order to break down the organic items being composted.

Therefore, they accelerate the composting process, and also eliminate the bad odor. Thus, you should just throw the coffee grounds in the compost bin.

Mosquito Repellent

Coffee grounds can be effectively used as a mosquito repellent and insecticide. Namely, mosquitoes hate the strong odor of coffee grounds, and coffee has also been shown to destroy mosquito larvae.

In order to repel mosquitoes and insects, you should distribute coffee grounds on still bodies of water close to your house, in your backyard. In this way, you will kill grown and mosquito larva.

Moreover, in order to boost the effects, you can also burn coffee grounds in tin cans or aluminum foil. Furthermore, you can also mix hot water with coffee grounds, pour this mixture into a spray bottle, and spray it all over the house and yard.

Staining Wood

Coffee grounds can also be used for do-it-yourself wood staining. What is incredible about it all is that the entire procedure is very simple, and your wood will get a nice-looking and organic tone.

You should gather some leftover coffee grounds in a container, add some boiling water, and leave thus for at least 2 hours, or even during the whole night. Then, filter out the coffee grounds, pour it into another container.

Then, soak a paintbrush in it shortly, and apply it generously to the wood. After the initial layer, wait for 10 minutes, and add another one. After a few times, you will get the desired color. If the needed shade should be darker, you can even rub in coffee grounds to make it darker.

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