Can Acupuncture Cure Depression?

Depression therapy requires a different approach, mostly because some people are not that happy about using antidepressants. This comes due to the great discovery that these drugs harm health and affect baby’s development during pregnancy. Fortunately, many people prefer doing alternative treatments.

Latest studies have shown that acupuncture provides amazing results in the treatment of depression. It is not only an alternative method used in the treatment of depression, but also relieves side-effects caused by drugs used for the same purpose.


If you do not know much about acupuncture, here is a short explanation.

Acupuncture is a therapy in which acupuncturist inserts needles in certain points in patient’s skin. These points are linked to particular organs and therefore enhance their healing.

Health benefits

Experts explain that acupuncture prevents sexual-impeding side-effects from drugs prescribed for the treatment of depression. A 12-week acupuncture treatment helps both men and women to improve normal sexual functioning.

Acupuncture also reduces symptoms associated with drug withdrawal. Experts also believe that it can provide a healthy and efficient depression treatment.

Moreover, natural medicine and acupuncture provide great potential in the treatment of depression and chronic anxiety, relieving stress and emotional burden.

Correlating acupuncture with CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (counseling used in the treatment of depression and anxiety) is an excellent way to learn more about its efficacy, as they provide similar benefits.


As we already said, acupuncture can be used as a single therapy, but in the treatment of persistent diseases, it can be conjoined with any other alternative method.

At the beginning of the therapy, you can apply the treatments 6-10 times a week, and then do the treatments once or twice a week, depending on their effectiveness. Reduce the number of treatments as once your condition starts improving.

Fully recovered patients should do “maintenance” treatments every three months. Do off-schedule treatments to relax after a stressful situation.

If you find acupuncture to be painful or unpleasant for you, you are perceiving things wrond. It is rejuvenating, pleasant and revitalizing. Needles used in the treatment are super-thin, clean and meant for single treatment.

They are painless, even though some feel a pulling sensation, and Chinese perceive this as a strong connection between the needles and patient’s Qi, or life force.