Camera Captures Dog Bringing His Bed To His Sick Brother So He’s Comfy

There are numerous reasons why we are so in love with dogs. They are fun, loyal, affectionate, and clever, and this has been proven countless times.

When Spanky (6 years old) and Roman (8 years old) first met, everyone simply knew they will become best friends for life.

Two years later, they are simply inseparable. They do everything together, they sleep together, eat together. When one of them leaves the room, the other howls and scratches the door.  Roman is Spanky’s role model.

Jackie Rogers (the owner’s sister) says:

“Roman is definitely Spanky’s security blanket. Spanky will do nothing without Roman and always makes sure he is close to him and if he’s not he gets up and goes near him.” 

A month ago, Roman’s left ear was swelling, and a veterinarian soon concluded that he had a hematoma on it.

Unfortunately, the closest available date for a medical procedure was in three weeks.

Roman had to spend all this time in great pain. As time passed, his ear’s condition worsened. Spanky soon sensed that his big brother was not well, and he became even more careful and gentle.

He spent his days cuddling Roman. As Roman became more anxious about it all, the family became worried.

happy national dog day??! Why do I feel like this happens every month?? 🤣🤣😂 anyways!! Cheers to these cutie boys!! 🥳🥳

Posted by Jackie Rogers on Monday, August 26, 2019

Rogers explained:

“We had to take him back to the vet to confirm he could wait five more days for surgery and I brought Spanky along for the ride, but due to COVID we couldn’t go inside with Roman and for 20 minutes Spanky sat in the car crying/whining/barking until Roman got back.” 

The family had no other option but to let Roman rest until the surgery.  While everyone is at work, the family has a Ring camera set up, to check in on the dogs. Yet, what they saw on the video is simply adorable!

My own little reindeer’s!!

Posted by Jackie Rogers on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

When Rogers opened the screen, she saw Spanky sitting in the corner, worried, watching over Roman. The next time she checked on them, at around 10 a.m., Spanky was pulling his bed across the room to provide some additional comfort to his dearest.

She later explained that she re-watched it many times, as she was “in disbelief that he did that!”

Roman soon understood Spanky’s aim, and got in bed to cuddle with his carer. In the evening, when Rogers came home from work, the two sweet boys were in the same position, sleeping side by side!


Oh, these lovely dogs are so lucky to have each other!

Watch the cute video below: