How To Calm Fussy Babies Instantly By Pressing These 7 Points Of Their Feet

Crying is the mechanism of babies to indicate that they are experiencing some discomfort, either congestion, flu, tummy pains, or constipation.

However, even though medications and pediatrician-recommended treatments are extremely important, certain homemade remedies are also of great help.

The following foot reflexology tips can be extremely beneficial to calm fussy babies. Certain areas on the feet are related to different organs, body parts, and muscles, and by applying pressure, you can soothe the discomfort due to congestion and blockage.

It has been shown that foot reflexology offers potent therapeutic effects, and since the muscles and ligaments of the feet of the babies are not completely developed, they are more receptive to the reflexology rubs.


Guide To Baby Foot Reflexology

In the case of discomfort or crying, parents often rub the hand, feet, or tummy of the baby, without being aware of the effects. The following methods can provide great benefits:

The hand and feet contain reflex points that are associated to particular body systems, organs, and bones. We do not suggest these routines as a substitute for the medical opinion of the pediatrician, but they can be extremely helpful in practiced in combination.

-The tips of the toes are related to the head and teeth of the infant, so if you gently press them, you can soothe the discomfort and stop the crying, especially in the case of teething.

-- the center of the toes is related to the sinuses of the baby, so if you rub this area, you will fight breathing difficulties due to accumulated mucus, as well as sniffling and a runny nose.

-- Colds and infections often lead to chest congestion, which is accompanied by difficulties in sleeping, eating, and breathing. You should rub the balls of the feet, below the neck of the toes, as they are related to the lungs.

-Discomfort can often appear in the solar plexus, which is a complex network of nerves located in the abdomen, and behind the stomach. This leads to spasms, trouble breathing, tightness, and upset tummy. Gently press the area below the foot ball to soothe it.

-- To stimulate the smooth movements of bowels, you should gently rub the tummy. In the case of bowel obstruction, rub the center of the foot soles, which are linked to the upper abdomen.

-Treat constipation by massaging the feet of your baby.

-Rub the lower areas of the sole to stimulate the large intestine and eliminate gasses.

-The pelvic region corresponds to the heels, so rub the area in the case of issues with the tummy or the hips.