Calm Down a Fussy Baby Instantly By Massaging These 7 Points

Reflexology is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that has been used for thousands of years and is now becoming growingly popular in the Western world as a legitimate medical practice in the treatment of various ailments.

According to Hands on Feet, UK reflexologist Rosanna Bickerton’s website:

“Chinese Reflexology is the ancient art of working pressure points on the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to different parts of the body… [It’s] believed to stimulate elimination, improve circulation and support the immune system. The Chinese believe it restores the body’s equilibrium of yin and yang, encourages healing and strengthens the body.”

Reflexology principles are among the most effective ways to help calm down babies and lower their stress, anxiety, and discomfort.

Babies are much more responsive to reflexology than adults since they are more receptive and sensitive to physical touch. When the baby is in distress, we instantly hold it, rub its back, or do something similar to comfort it. 

In order to treat the health problems of the baby, according to the Chinese foot reflexology, you should apply gentle pressure to certain points on the feet.

According to an article in It’s Baby Time:

“The baby’s foot is sub-divided into six major zones. These are the pelvic area, lower abdominal area, upper abdominal area, solar plexus, sinuses, and the head or teeth area. Reflexology involves gently applying pressure to these zones, providing relief and comfort.

To perform the massage, it is ideal to be in a comfortable position for you and your baby so that you begin starting from the baby’s heel and working up to the toes.”


Apply gentle pressure on the top of the foot, right over top of the arch to clear the congestion of the baby, soothe a chronic cough, and accumulated phlegm.

Head & Teeth

Rub the tips of the toes of the baby to treat issues involving the head and teeth, such as ear infections, pain due to teething, etc.

Upper & Lower Abdomen

The area of the abdomen is linked to the entire arch of the foot, while the upper abdomen correlates with the upper half of the arch. To treat digestive issues like heartburn and bowel obstructions, press this area. On the other hand, in order to relieve post-digestive issues like bloating and constipation press the lower half of the arch.


Problems that commonly affect the pelvic area of a baby include muscle tightness and postural problems, and in order to relieve the pain in this area, press the heel of the foot.


Press the centers of the tips of the toes of the baby to reduce the severity of a variety of sinus problems; such as a runny nose, sinusitis, common colds, and respiratory problems.

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is a complex collection of nerves located between the stomach and the lungs. In order to soothe it, press near the upper area of the foot’s arch. 

According to Natural Transition, you should follow these tips for a relaxed reflexology session with your baby:

  • Use a gentle pressure as you would while massaging your baby.
  • If a child is sick, reflex points will be quite sensitive
  • If your baby pulls its foot away from you as you are working is a good indication that it is not enjoyable and that you should stop and try another approach later.
  • Work no longer than 5-10 minutes for the entire treatment, depending on what your baby will comfortably tolerate.

The following video will teach you how to master 5 basic foot reflexology techniques!