Bus Driver Braids 11-Year-Old Girl’s Hair Every Morning After She Lost Her Mother

A year ago, 11-year old Isabelle Pieri had the best bus driver braid her hair on her morning route.

The mom of the girl, Patricia Pieri, got sick from a rare brain illness when the little girl was just three years old, and passed away in 2016, when Isabelle was 9 years old. Since then, her daughter has struggled to do her hair for school.

Losing her mom at a young age was hard. The 11-year-old girl is now living with her father Phillip, 47, who was working intense hours at a convenience store in American Fork, Utah.

Until one morning, as the students were stepping off the bus, little Isabella saw the 47-year-old bus driver for the Alpine School District, Tracy Dean, braiding her classmate’s hair. Gathering her courage, she asked her if she could tie her hair too. Tracy agreed and she started braiding her hair as a part of her morning route.

Dean said that they usually did two French braids first, but once in a while, Isabelle wants one braid.

She also taught her how to brush her hair, so Isabelle sometimes enters the bus, asking ‘Does it look good?’ and Dean encourages her ‘You did awesome.'”

This sweet bus driver is a mom to four children herself and has one child close to Isabelle’s age.

She doesn’t see this as a big deal. She was raised to be nice to everyone, and she gives all the children a chance, even the naughty ones.

After the death of his wife, he tried to fix Isabelle’s hair, but he just couldn’t do a great job, and she often got mad at him for pulling her hair. Actually, it was so difficult that he even gave her a crew cut.

Soon after, when her hair grew back, she started to tie her hair in a ponytail.

But he remembers the day when she got home from school looking beautiful. He is very grateful to Dean for making his princess, as he treats her, happy and satisfied.

Once they’d get to school and all the students got off the bus, Dean spent some extra time with the little girl to do her hair.

Years ago, Dean herself was diagnosed with breast cancer, so she thought to herself, “what if it were my child?” She added “Not that my husband couldn’t do it, but you know, that’s what mom’s do. They do their kids’ hair.”

According to KSL TV, the idea quickly caught on among with Isabella’s peers, so Tracy is now tasked with giving many little girls their ‘do of choice before entering their school.

Isabella is exceptionally grateful for having Tracy by her side:

“It makes me feel like she’s a mom pretty much to me. And it makes me excited for the next day to see what she does.”

Thanks to her sweet gesture, the life of Isabelle became much easier!

That is why this sweet girl exclaimed that ” Tracy is the best bus driver in the whole galaxy!”