Bulldog Loves Looking At People Through Hole In Fence – So, Owners Paint Adorable ‘Costumes’

Being curious in life is good, as an inquiring mind offers numerous benefits, but being nosy often causes some kind of trouble. Especially if you are a dog.

Bogart the bulldog and his bulldog mamma Winston from Gråsten, Denmark, are just too small to peer over the top of their garden fence.

Therefore, their owners, Ranveig and Claus Levinsen, cut a few head-shaped holes in the fence, so they can watch the rest of the world outside.

Yet, to make things funnier, they decided to amuse passers-by and painted hilarious illusions onto the fence surrounding the hole. In this way, whenever they poke their heads through the hole, Bogart and Winston look like a king and a jester!

This family has well and truly won at lockdown entertainment!

Ranveig explained that she is living in the southern part of Jutland/Denmark in an old house (1814) together with her husband, and their two bulldogs:

“He (Bogart) is a 4-year-old English Bulldog, almost ‘homemade’—we have his mother, Winston (she doesn’t care about the male name), and we decided that she should have puppies. […] She [had] 8, and we kept Bogart—he was the smallest and totally cute. He has a [unique] personality, and he is so funny—I really do love that little guy.”

She added:

“We are living close to a walking path, so many people pass by every day, and the dogs are just so curious. To prevent them from skipping the fence, we made the holes, but even if it was funny to see them from the other side, I just thought it would look even [funnier] if we painted something. You know, like in amusement parks where you can have your photo taken in these kind of holes.”

She eventually decided for a crown and a jester hat, and the actual paintings were done by her daughter.

One passer-by recorded Bogart peeking through the fence and uploaded the video to social media. In it, one can hear people laughing as they record the nonchalant expression of Bogart, totally unaware of it all.

It quickly took off, and Ranveig re-shared the video with the caption:

“Bogart has gone viral in Denmark—he has also got on one of Denmark’s biggest influencers’ Instagram profile, and now I can see that he’s [on] a Norwegian dog group too.”

People were thrilled to see the hilarious dogs, and the video was posted onto Danish news and media page 112nyheder, where it instantly went viral.

In these challenging times, having something to laugh at while taking a walk around the neighborhood is precious!

After the video, Bogart has become a local celebrity, and neighbors keep visiting him to take a giggle.

Ranveig admitted that she never expected such a response, adding that complete strangers reach out to her to tell that her dog and the fence painting are hilarious.

She said that she is “blown away that my little dog has gone viral—just because he looks goofy.”

Watch the hilarious video: