Brittle Hair or Nails? Headaches or Cramps? Bumps or Acne? You Likely Have This Deficiency

Our body naturally needs vitamins and minerals for its normal development.

Normally, the lack of some of these will lead to certain health conditions and issues. Nevertheless, we are often unaware of it, so we cannot help our body and prevent further complications.

Due to the importance of this, today we will reveal the 5 most common signs of some vitamin or mineral deficiency, that have resulted in other problems with our health or appearance:

Acne: Zinc deficiency

the lack of zinc in the body can lead to the appearance of acne. This is due to the fact that zinc colors and brightens our complexion, but is also in charge of the control of the oil production in the skin.

Apart from that, zinc results in numerous other positive effects for the skin, as it accelerates the healing process, alleviates the inflammation and leads to regeneration of skin cells.

Furthermore, it prevents the creation of acne by obstructing the activity of the enzyme  5-alpha-reductase, which stimulates testosterone to produce pimples. Only 30 milligrams of zinc daily can prevent the formation of acne, and this amount can be satisfied by consuming a ¼ cup of raw pumpkin seeds.

White little bumps on back of arm: lack of essential fatty acids

In the case of an imbalance of essential fatty acids, that is, if your body lacks omega 3 fatty acids, you are likely to experience small white bumps on the upper back of your arms.

Namely, these essential fatty acids inhibit the appearance of bumps, as well as hardening within the hair follicle,  since they have strong anti-inflammatory qualities.

Hair loss: lack of iron

Particularly for the hair, and for the entire body as well, iron is one of the crucial minerals. Namely, its role is to supply hair follicles with oxygen and important nutrients. therefore, iron deficiency leads to anemia, as well as hair loss.

Dry/Damaged/Brittle hair, Brittle nails: Biotin deficiency

In order to have a shiny and healthy hair, your body needs vitamin B7 or Biotin. Although its deficiencies are not common, since it is easily accessible, and can be bought in many healthy food stores, many people are biotin deficient.

In that case, one experiences hair loss, thinning hair, brittle and damaged hair, as well as brittle nails.

Headaches and/or Muscle Cramps: lack of Magnesium

Another important mineral for your health and beauty is, of course, magnesium. It is crucial for the proper function of the nervous system, as it is favorable for the nerves and relaxes tense muscles.

Moreover, it prevents headaches, muscle cramps and as it provides relaxing effects, it avoids sleep disorders. In order to enjoy these beneficial properties of magnesium, you should consume it in foods like green leafy veggies, such as kale or collard greens.

Another great way to increase the magnesium levels is to soak in an Elsom salts bath, as they are abundant in magnesium and the skin absorbs them fast.

To sum up, if you notice some of the symptoms listed above, you should find a way to solve the issues and raise the levels of the needed vitamin or mineral. Thus, you will soon experience improved results.