Boy No Longer Autistic Due To Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Diet

In 2006, Ethan was diagnosed with Autism. The one-year-old boy could not sleep longer than 2 hours -- day or night. After 20 months spent in exhaustion and sleepless nights, his mom decided to eliminate wheat and dairy products from his diet. Withing 3 days Ethan slept peacefully all night long.

Certain dietary changes improve the connection between the gut and the brain. Autistic children are sensitive to wheat because they have much more antibodies that react to wheat gluten, and even fight it as if it was a foreign object in the body…read more


The Journal of Child Neurology published a study which has confirmed that gluten-free diet has an amazing power to reverse autism and seizures:

For more research on the connection between gluten and autism read: Wheat: A Missing Piece In the Autism Puzzle

Most people hesitate over the concept that gluten-free diet can improve the condition of children with autism. For those who have tried it, the proof does not lie in academic publications, but in the gluten-free pudding. There is nothing better than witnessing the improvement with your own eyes, not even those randomized, double-blinded clinical trials.