Boxer Tyson Fury Has Donated Entire $9 Million Of Earnings To Support The Homeless

What will you do if someone gives you $9 million? What will you do if you earn those millions? Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury spent the money in the most brilliant way ever.

The champion donated his millions to charity in order to help the homeless. Fury won the money from a match with Deontay Wilder. He is no stranger to mental health issues and drug addiction. Fury spent a big portion of his life struggling against these issues. Today, he is a champion, and his main goal is to help those in need.

“The Gypsy King” squared off against Wilder a few months ago. The main reward for the match was $3.5 million. This number jumped as high as $9 million thanks to the pay-per-view income.

British reports confirm that the champion donated his millions to UK charities that provide housing for addicts and alcoholics.

Fury wasn’t always this affected by homelessness. However, everything changed during his recent trip to Los Angeles. He was in the big city for a media conference, and couldn’t ignore all the people who were living on the streets. Fury was well aware of the fact that he could have been a homeless addict.

The information about Fury’s donation was confirmed during a Q&A segment of a charity auction. Fury made sure everyone knows that he didn’t donate the money to become even more popular.

He did it because too many people need help. Fury doesn’t need any praise for his donation. He really likes to see all those people healthy and happy.