Black Walls Are The Latest Decorating Trend & We Are Loving It

Our homes often change with the new styles that emerge each season, as we cannot avoid the temptation to update their look whenever a surprising and fashionable trend catches our eye.

Yet, most of the time, we associate the walls with white color, and everyone knows that painting them white is a trick to make the room look more spacious and bright.

Also, we can choose whichever furniture we like, as it is incredibly easy to match it to the snowy white. But, let’s get out of the comfort zone, and turn to the opposite of white- black!

The idea of it might intimidate you are first, but as soon as you make the bold move, your rooms will get a cozy and attractive look!

A black wall can, in fact, be equally sophisticated and soothing as any other paint shade. Also, black walls provide a blank canvas so you can decorate the room however you please.

This avant-garde color will make your home look elegant and sophisticated, and the contrast with plants and some metal objects will lead to an overwhelming sensation.

Dee Schlotter, PPG’s senior color marketing manager, explains:

“Black reflects the current state of rebelliousness and contentiousness in the world, but it also provides a feeling of privacy and protection.”

Designer Mark Zeff agrees:

“Black has properties that make it ideal for interior design: It’s calming to the eye, it’s elegant and it underscores organic beauty.”

Moreover, designers also claim that it is contrary to what most people think: black also makes rooms look bigger.

Decorist designer Caitlin McBride says:

Since the corners of a dark painted room can’t be defined and there isn’t an easy way to tell where they start or end, the walls feel endless.”

So, it is time to paint our walls black and thus make our living space look sleek and modern!

Take a look at the following images: