Billionaire Intends To Buy 15% Of The Planet To Protect It

The restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral was supported by over a billion dollars, and we can’t hold the urge to ask one simple question. Why can’t people donate money to save our planet? Or feed the homeless? There are so many questions, and none of them is answered.

Luckily, there are a few people who are willing to make a change.

Billionaire philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss, CEO of the Wyss Foundation, is one of them. In October, the billionaire donated a billion dollars to support environmental conservation efforts in the next decade.

Wyss made an official announcement, and his plans include buying large pieces of land and turning them into public parks.

Wyss notes that wild lands and water would be conserved better if made available to the public. These national parks, wildlife refuges and marine reserves need to be open for everyone. People like to experience new things and explore the wild. What’s his inspiration? Wyss will always remember the first time he climbed and hiked on public lands in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Our natural world isn’t as protected as it needs to be, and Wyss will do his best to change that. Hopefully, Wyss’ contribution will protect 30% of the planet by 2030.

The billionaire has donated more than $66 million to nine different organizations in the first two months after making the official announcement.

It’s estimated that $750,000 went to the Dehcho First Nations in Canada to help create a management program for the Edéhzhíe National Wildlife Area in the Northwest Territories. It includes 3.5 million acre wetlands ecosystem, and is considered a home to a lot of animals. Aves Argentinas received $5.8 million. It’s the oldest conservation group in Argentina.

This donation will be enough to make a 1.5 million acre national park. Fundación Flora y Fauna is getting $22 million to make a 178,000 acre national park in Argentina’s Tucumán Province.

Wyss has been donating money for the past two decades. His heroic plans were kept secret until now, and now is the time for the world to learn about this great man. Do you know that Wyss has donated over $450 million to similar initiatives prior to this announcement?

In an Op-Ed for the Times, Wyss explained his reasons to feel optimistic about our future.

These donations will raise public awareness about the power of these initiatives. Scientists need to conduct more studies to determine the best strategy to protect our planet. Wyss is ambitious, but his goal is easily achievable. With the help of indigenous people, local leaders and conservation groups, Wyss can make a difference.

The billionaire confirmed that his foundation has supported the initiative to protect wild areas in Africa, South America, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the US. He donated more than $450 million to conserve 40 million acres of land and water.