Beware Of Fake Friends: Not Everyone Who Is Nice To You Is Your Friend

Hundreds of new people enter our life over the years.

While many leave a lasting mark, and others go unnoticed, I believe the most valuable ones are those that make us better people.

Whenever I have a dilemma about ending a relationship, I always ask myself if I like the person I became in the company of that particular person. And it works every single time.

Yet, some people are skillful enough to trick you into believing they are your real friends. In the end, they always show their masks, but it would be much easier if we were able to determine it earlier.

Well, the following differences between fake and real friends will help you with that:

  • A true friend will never betray your trust, and your secrets are safe with them. A fake friend will tell your secrets to everyone they know.
  • Real friends always find time to spend with you, and they will be there to celebrate your success and cry with you when you fail.
  • Real friends keep in touch, as they are truly interested in your life and care for you. Fake friends are there only when they need something.
  • Real friends support you and encourage you to follow your dreams. Fake friends make you feel worthless and discourage you.
  • A real friend loves you for who you are. Fake friends will never be able to accept you with all your flaws, mistakes, and bad sides.

A friendship with a fake friend is also known as a toxic one. Kelly Campbell, a professor of psychology at California State University explains that a “toxic friendship is one that violates the norms and expectations of friendship. 

Friends should have your best interest at heart, stand up for you in your absence, keep your secrets, treat you with respect, be trustworthy and supportive, and be happy for your successes.”

Remember to choose quality over quantity. You do not need fake people around you.

“An open enemy is better than a false friend.”

True friendship is rare, but it is also one of the things that make it more valuable.