Best Natural Colon Cleanser – Easy and Simple Elimination of all Gases and Toxins

Have you ever heard of this simple and yet so powerful natural remedy in the form of a pill? It is one of the most outstanding colon cleansers. It is the activated charcoal.

In 1831, the French Professor Tueri drank a poisonous shot of strychnine, but he added an enormous quantity of activated charcoal to it just to prove his colleagues that it has a miraculous effect.


The activated charcoal was used in the medicine for the first time in the ancient Egyptian period and its powerful effect and benefits are crucial ever since.

You can purchase the activated charcoal for medicine use in all pharmacies. It is not dangerous and you can take several pills during the day. All the toxins and poisons in your digestive tract will be absorbed.

The activated charcoal can be found in any medical center because it is most frequently used for people who have food or any kind of poisoning. What are the other uses of it?

It is used for colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, liver cleanse, for detoxification of the whole body and nowadays it is frequently used for whitening of the teeth.

How do you  use activated charcoal?

The pill is in different forms, black-colored and it has no taste. After you consume the pill, it will absorb all the gases and toxins from the digestive tract and you will feel lighter. The feeling of nausea will be gone.

Dissolve the pill in water if you can’t swallow it. In this way, the effect is thought to be more powerful. If you want a stronger effect take 4 pills at once and 10 if you experience some kind of poisoning.

You should know that it has no side effects and you can use the pill anytime you feel you have a bloated stomach. An expected and normal effect is that your stool may turn black, but don’t worry.

What’s the best time to use activated charcoal?

  • If you feel you have a bloated stomach
  • If you vomit or have nausea
  • If you have diarrhea
  • When having a hangover
  • If you have stomach aches due to excessive consuming of vegetables and fruits