Bemused Giraffe Looking Up At A Drone Features Among Aerial Images Of Africa

A wildlife photographer uses drones to capture wildlife in Africa in their natural habitat, and he manages to take a shot of a giraffe while it is looking straight at the drone

Africa is an enchanting place, rich in cultural heritage and diversity. Apart from its breathtaking tourist attractions and landscapes, and stunning nature, this unique continent is the home to impressive wildlife.

One photographer managed to capture the magnificent vast savanna and one curious giraffe using drones. While the drone has come to only a few meters away from the beautiful animal, the giraffe seems unbothered, and the result is a photo of it looking straight up at the drone.

It is amazing!

Wildlife photographer Chris du Plessis uses drone photography to promote lodges and tourist destinations, and he often travels to Africa. He captures unique shots of fascinating wildlife, like hippos, elephants, giraffes, and wildebeest, while flying drones throughout Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana.

He says:

“The animals are so relaxed. I don’t fly too close to them because I don’t want to disturb them but sometimes I can get as close as one meter from an animal and they don’t even notice the drone.

They must think it’s just bees or something.”

  • Wildlife photographer Chris du Plessis used a drone to capture wild animals in their natural habitat, and one giraffe look straight at it

  • He claims that he can get as close as he wants with the drone, without animals even noticing, just like this groups of hippos swimming

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  • Chris spends his time between Germany and Africa and captures amazing shots of wildlife in Africa

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