Being Told You’re Appreciated Is One Of The Most Simplest Yet Most Incredible Things You Can Ever Hear

Being told you are loved is always a big deal.

Everyone wants and deserves to be loved, but what when “I love you” is not good enough?

Have you thought about the reason why people split even though they love each other, why marriages fall apart even though they were based on love?

How can things go in the wrong direction if we truly love each other?

Love is strong, love is beautiful, love is mighty.

Unfortunately, a relationship demands much more than just love.

A single “I love you” is not enough in case you are not respected, appreciated, and cared for.

That is why the following phrases are often more important to be said and heard:

I love myself- Loving yourself is as important as loving others

Thank you- Being able to express gratitude will attract positive energy in your life, and will who others how much they mean to you.

I forgive you- Forgiveness is a wonderful trait of humanity, and it is the only way one can repair relationships and restore peace

You can do it- It is important to be supportive, to motivate others, and show them that you believe in them

I hope you succeed- Others will be extremely happy to know that you hope and wish only the best for them

What’s in the past is in the past- Learn to recognize and accept your mistakes in life, but do not dwell upon them, and leaver them where they belong, in the past.

Acknowledging the one you are with is very important, so remember that relationship cannot always stand on love alone. ‘I Love You’ is a great way to express your deep affection, but these phrases are an excellent way to say you care for, protect, respect, and understand your partner.

The key to a healthy relationship is communicating love and positivity often. To strengthen your bond, make sure you express your love and devotion in various ways, not just verbally.

Buy flowers, leave a note on the fridge, buy a ticket for a concert, send a cute text message, write a love letter, organize a romantic dinner or anything that comes to your mind and you know it will make your loved one happy.