Beetroot & Beet Juice – Astonishingly Effective Cure For Leukemia

Many analyses proved the fact the beetroot can cure leukemia.

Beetroot contains amino acids which have anticancer properties. Besides that, beetroot also has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Betaine, which is beetroot compound, attacks tumor cells in the organism, analyses have shown.


Statistically, beetroot can be used in many carcinoma linked diseases. 100% of the participants in an experiment reacted positively to the beetroot therapy. All of them had problem with cancer.

The person suffering from leukemia should eat half a kilogram of freshly grounded beetroot. It is also recommendable for the patient to stick to a healthy diet.

Results are the most efficient is the patient starts practicing the therapy in the early phases of leukemia. The amount of beetroot should be increased over time.