Beetroot – A Powerful Keeper Of Our Health

Along with reviewing the health benefits of fruits we will also review the health benefits of other plants that people feed and thus are very important for the organism. We’ll start with beets….Why we call beetroot a powerful keeper of your health? Read the text below….

Beet is well known plant all around the world. It is believed that came to us from Southeastern Asia and China. Beet is plant that’s been used much more during the reign of ancient Rome.

The emperors after the discovery of this plant ordered his massive cultivation of European fields.

Beets are really rich with many elements that are indescribable needed for our body. Beets contain low protein, organic acids such as folic acid, malic acid, oxalic acid, then vitamins C, B, A, PP, E, and of minerals contains: calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and other minerals in smaller quantities.

The presence of beets in every home is more than necessary. The method of its use is different. People make different salads, others make juices and cocktails. It doesn’t matter how you use, you will get all its benefits. It is recommended to consume beets with grated carrot, this combination is a real “vitamin bomb” for the organism.

But not only the vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that are found in beets can help you if you have problems with the thyroid gland, circulation, anemia and various other hematological diseases. Beets are recommended to use patients who have chronic anemia and those who have problems with immune system, however we must not forget to mention that beets is a great protector of the heart and blood vessels. This means that consummation of beets can improve our health conditions.

We also have to mention that beets have amazing influence on the digestive system. Beets contains elements that encourage the work of the intestines, and also keep and protect the liver. It is believed that children who consume beets will have much healthier bones and teeth, and much better blood count than those who do not regularly consume beets.

Beets are recommended to season with carrot, honey and other nuts because it will have even more powerful effect. Beet juice has an amazing effect on your health. If you regularly consume beets juice you will drastically improve your general health.

Beetroot is a real source of health and we should continue with its consumption.