Bear Loves To Ride Shotgun While Human Bestie Drives Around The City

This is a whole new level of awesomeness!

This Himalayan bear enjoys riding shotgun around the city with its human best friend.

Meet Toptyzhka – the Himalayan bear that rides in style around the city of Novosibirsk in Russia. The bear is usually in the company of its 24-year-old human pal Veronika Dichka.

Toptyzhka enjoys the most when the car ride leads to forests and fields where he can climb trees and roam free.

According to Daily Mail, Veronika says she never uses a cage while traveling with her unusual travel buddy. Instead, the animal prefers to ride shotgun and observe the road they drive on. Veronika explained:

“While traveling in the car, Toptyzhka behaves quite calmly, although he sometimes loves to play with the seat belt by pulling it out. 

He is an inquisitive bear and the main thing he was interested in was the steering wheel. He was also having a great time turning on and off the light with his nose.”

Veronika also said that her extraordinary buddy “always has a positive attitude towards car trips because of his curious nature.”

Furthermore, Toptyzhka’s owner Maya Kirsanova said Veronika has been exceptionally helpful as she spends almost every day with the bear, hanging out and driving him around.

Interestingly, Veronika also owns a bear of her own, which she rescued in 2019 from a safari park. She explained:

“I am often asked if I am afraid of bears, but I would say, on the contrary, I feel safe with Toptyzhka.”

Can you imagine yourself being friends with a wild animal?